Are you Doing These 7 Things that Loot Your Creative Energy?

Creative Energy

We all are blessed with abundant creative energy from the universe. Creative energy is the fuel we have to get things done and achieve your dreams and manifest your vision of ur life. Beware of the following foolish habits that loot your creative energy.

Beware of the following foolish habits that loot your creative energy.

1.Creative energy is supresses if you suppress your opinions about things you care about.

Creative energy thrives on expression.

Learn to express your opinions about the things you care for in a firm am polite manner. Expressing opinions, especially when they may not be accepted, in an assertive calm manner is a skill worth learning.

There is absolutely no need to be angry or emotional. Simply voice your opinion knowing that it is your right to do so, but in an appropriate manner.

Your opinions about the world around you come from the authentic you. If you suppress that you suppress your authenticity. The little voice inside you that tells you magical things thrives in authenticity.

Suppressing your perspectives will cost you confidence and drain your creativity. Do not be afraid of conflict and soothe your voice. Be bold and be you.

So start learning how to express your own viewpoint tactfully. To your surprise, you may find artful ways to express yourself.

2.Creative energy freezes if you keep justifying your life and choices especially to those who don’t really get it

No one can live this life enjoying the approval of everyone. Even the biggest richest and most famous celebrities have haters.

The secret is to handle them well. Never justify your life choices to those who cannot understand you, or do not want to understand you. Everyone reads and understand others through their own limited intellect and life exposure.

Remember the words of Dr.Seuss.

Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.

Do not insist that a particular set of people- be it your parents or family or friends or colleagues or anyone else, must understand you completely. Sometimes it may take a lifetime for others to see what you did was the best for yourself.

3.Creative energy goes numb if you are spending time on projects that u dislike from the bottom of your heart and do not help you grow

Spending time and energy on projects that drain you emotionally is outright self-abuse. Activities in your life must make you either happier or wiser. Simply stop doing things that do not help your emotional or intellectual well-being.

If you spend time on projects that you dislike, when will you do those things that you have always dreamed of?

As we all have a finite amount of time to spend, be extremely cautious of spending it on the wrong things. When death comes, you don’t want to have regrets on the things that you compromised.

Observe how you spend time and on what you spend time on, and make necessary changes to focus all your time and energy on things that help you grow and become a happier creative self.

4.Creative energy will weaken if you are re-forming your perspective to get other people’s approval or attention

Your perspective is formed by the numerous significant and insignificant incidents in your life. A person who lived the entire life in a dense green forest will have an absolutely different perspective on nature, than a person who grew up in a cosmopolitan city of the concrete jungle.

It shows a certain evolution you underwent in life. It shows who you are beyond the external appearances. Your perspective is not something you can silence.

Compromising perspective put a huge load on the creative self and creates large confusion. Identity crisis and loss of purpose are the common results of manipulating your authentic perspective to fit the needs of another or to attain the approval of another.

Be brave and true enough to stick to your authentic perspective. It may change at a point in a natural manner as the part of your growth process. But it must not be distorted for the sake of another.

5.Creative energy gets drained if you spend time with soul-sucking people who leave you drained

We owe a considerable part of our energy levels to the wonderful people in our life. Truthful encouraging people help us to find our creative path by giving loving happy energy to pursue our goals.

On the other hand, spending time with those who leave you emotionally and mentally drained is definitely a bad idea. Creative energy is like blood. No one will allow a vampire to suck blood and leave them dry. But vampires, even though imaginary creatures cause tangible harm in the stories. The negative effects of those who suck our creative energy are not usually tangible or easily recognizable.

The symptoms could be depression and hopelessness or procrastination. On the long run association with such people will harm you more than you can endure.

Always be alert if anyone is sucking the creative spirit in you with hatred, judgment, harsh criticism or apathy. If you find them in your life, bless and release them from your life.

6.Creative energy withers if you are staying in a team that undervalues you

The creator in you needs nurturing to find new ways and new ideas. The creative self is so tender that it tends to shut down if it has to face abuse of any kind. And you must take care to choose your associates and partners who are committed to nurture your growth.

If you stay in a team that undervalues you, you have two options. One is to wait patiently for the day when they will recognize how amazing you are. Second is to leave such an environment and find a team that will support your evolution of creativity.

Surrounding your creative self with people who devalue what you bring in is a toxic behavior. You might be doing so due to lack of self-esteem or due to a feeling of worthlessness. Such a tendency has to be considered as the symptom of lack of self-love.

You must love yourself enough to say goodbye to the environment that destroys your creativity if you value your creativity.

7.Creative energy suffers if you are putting off your primary projects- professional or personal- for helping others with their projects.

This is one of the biggest blunders done by those who are nice to others and are incapable of refusing any request.

Prioritizing your own personal and professional goals is one of the best gestures of loving your creative self.

You must absolutely support and help others to be their best. But you cannot live the life for them. During times of necessity, help everyone you can. It is by giving out to the society and fellow beings, we add value and goodness into the world.

But running around doing things for others, that they are supposed to do for themselves is plundering your life for people who do not need it. Refuse politely or delegate the things you do not want to do. Letting your life spin around the plans of others is not a fruitful way to live.


If you don’t build your dream someone will hire you to help build theirs.

-Tony Gaskins

The best way to help others is by growing into the best version of yourself. Learning t navigate through the plethora of activities demanded by the world is one of the most significant things to do to nurture your creative self.

So, take care of yourself and remember to enjoy your creative pursuits.

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