7 Types of People you must Always Cherish in Life


People in our life determine the quality of our lives. If you have great people with you, life will be happier and happier. To bring out the best in you, you need great people in life. To be happy and stay in a feeling of happiness you must surround yourself with the following type of people.

1. The Caregiver

Is there someone in your life who checks up on you often to find out how you are doing? Does he or she read your emotions and needs exceptionally well to recognize what you might be going through? Does he or she make you feel loved, important and nurtured?

Keep that person in your inner circle forever. People who care for your well-being are the most important ones in your life.

But the most intriguing part of this type of people is how to recognize them. Because mostly, you might be taking them for granted. It might be your mother or father, or it might be a friend or partner; or one of your elder ones or siblings. Think for a time who all take good care of you. Recognize them with gratitude. Keep them closer to you.

So, make it a point to return the love and care they give you.

It is and exceptional luck to have a lot of people to truly care for you. If you are one of those lucky people, treasure your status and celebrate it with gratitude.

2.The Encourager

Those who encourage you to be your best or to follow your dreams are the most valuable in life. They nourish your dreams and intentions.

Remember, no one can encourage or discourage you more than yourself.

Encouragement is the oxygen for beginners. If a child was not encouraged by his or her parents and teachers, she will inevitably suffer from self-doubt and low self-esteem when he or she becomes an adult.

Just like a sapling needs more care than a full grown tree, everyone needs encouragement when they are beginning something significant in their life. Maybe you are going to join a course or you are following your calling, if your family and friends do not encourage you, it creates a lot of negative feeling.

Those who truly encourage us accept us as we truly are.

Another important trait of an encourager is that a good encourager tend to be a healthy critic. Read along to know more about the healthy critic

3.The Healthy Critic

No one easily likes being criticized. Criticism tend to suck our good feeling about ourselves. It also disapproves us which is a painful experience.

Scientists have found out that the brain of a person undergoing mental pain shows similarity to the brain of the person undergoing physical pain. So, mental pain is real. And, tactless critics inflict mental pain.

But good criticism or ‘feedback’ is crucial for growth. The healthy critic will present their feedback in a way that will encourage you. This does not mean that they will say false but nice things about you. But they will point out what must be improved and how it must be improved. They will focus on the matter objectively without shooting personal comments or jibes. Their focus will entirely up on the betterment of the project at hand and not on the fault you made.

4.The Guru or the Mentor

Mentors are the nurturers of our life journey. Our lives will be dry and uninteresting if we are not evolving and learning day by day. Mentors and Gurus help us with the new discoveries of our life.

They kindle an interest or open a new door of inquiry for us. They also are reliable and truthful.

The most significant aspect of a mentor or a guru is that they do not want anything in return. They do not want to colonize our mind and intellect. They do not want our money or other assets. If they ask for something, especially when teaching is their livelihood, they will be clearly upfront and logical about it, but that is not what they are after.

They encourage free thinking and honest choices. They want us to reach to our truth, whatever that may be.

They will not judge you for the wrongdoings or your past. They will be uncommonly kind and accepting of you.

They mentor us or teach us because it is their dharma- purpose. In a way, they do it as a worship to God. Or they do it just like an artist who is a part of a large orchestra.

But always remember, these are the rarest of all. Exceptionally difficult to find but extremely rewarding encounter. Truth is what will connect them with us. Truth of art, science or any other subject is what connects you with your mentor.

A mentor is often a great encourager and a healthy critic.

An excellent example of a great Mentor or Guru would be Jackie Chan from the movie Karate Kid.

5.The Friend or friends

Friends are the salt of life. Try to imagine a Harry Potter without Hermione and Ron! How awful would that be.

Great friends are undoubtedly the greatest gifts in life. It is not possible to explain how important good friendships are. But we need to know a thing or two about spotting good friends. Because a friend can make or break you.

Good friends bring out the best of each other. They move towards the collective good of each other and mutually benefit each other. They have your best interest in their intention and they do not play mind games with you. They are always straight forward. They will definitely encourage you and act as a healthy critic.

The sharp warning is that, if a person whom you think is your friend, does not encourage you or criticize you, and speaks demeaningly even if it is as a jovial manner, is not your friend. Spot such people and fire them from your life immediately.

But always cherish your true friends with love and gifts.

6.The unexpected Supporter

No matter what, we all have faced challenges and difficulties in life. Some challenges have got the best of us and some of them have been overcome with great difficulty. But, there is not a soul in the universe who has not had obstacles or dangers in life.

When we meet with obstacles or dangers, many people whom we expect to support may disappear and hide in their holes. But many people whom we did not even knew existed will come forward to help and support us. Often their support is unconditional, just because they are compassionate and kind. There might also be instances when they want something in return. Either way they pop up as the unexpected angels during a dire hour.

We all will have encountered such unexpected supporters in our life. Make a decision right now to return the favor or cherish them in some way, even if they do not ask or expect for it. Gratitude is the most significant and magical thing that will conjure more blessings from the universe.

7.The Energizer

If you feel inspired, focused, motivated and confident after interacting with a person, you have just met an energizer. Sometimes, they may be real people in our lives. Sometimes they maybe humans who lived long before who interact with you now through books or movies. And, some other times many of them are those whom you meet in the internet, through YouTube or social networking sites.

Energizers are themselves inspired, focused, motivated and confident about themselves at a high frequency. When you interact with them you absorb some of their strong qualities and you too become energized. They are the sunlight of our lives that give us warmth and hope to go on.

Make a list of energizers in your life. Focus on the specific qualities of inspiration, focus, motivation and confidence. Go to them often, if you feel weak or depressed. They will give you the boost of energy you need. They too have reached the level they are now by going through tough times and hence their wisdom will be incomparable. Interact with one of them daily- in person or through books or videos- to keep up your energy.

Observe the people in your life. Find out what part they play in your life, and act accordingly. Our life is determined by those whom we interact with in life the most. If you have spotted all the above types of people in your life , love them, pamper them and cherish them.

Also stay connected with me to see the next list which will help you spot the types of people to let go of from your life.























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