5 Things to Remember When u feel lost in Life


5 Things to Remember When you feel lost in Life

We all find ourselves lost in life, at least once. We may not know what exactly we are doing, or what we are supposed to do. Struck by uncertainty and looking at the abyss of the future might be overwhelming. Sometimes we might be very young when this strikes us, some are in their middle part of life and some in their ripe ages. No matter what age you  are, feeling lost is something very necessary too for discovering several other deeper secrets of life.

Here are five things to remember whenever you feel lost in life.

1.You need to go lost to find yourself

Getting lost might be, in a way, the best thing that might happen to you.  This is exactly the most accurate time of your life to find yourself, or way more better, create yourself the way you may have always wanted. Getting lost is in a way life wiping away those things that were dominating your life without your knowing. You can discover and decide on your priorities while doing so. You will find your inner desires when you lose yourself. Or, straying away from your true path is the reason you got lost. It is a nudge from the universe to find yourself, your true path.

2. This is temporary

However overwhelming your situation is, it is temporary. Peace and love are the truthful normal states of all beings. Anything else is the deviation from your true state. That is why you feel at home while peaceful and surrounded by love.

Remembering that the chaotic situation is temporary will surely be a great relief to you. This will eventually evolve into clarity and peace.

Do healing exercises and read books that will uplift you or guide you through the difficult stage. Ask for help and gratefully accept help from anyone who offers it lovingly, because it is a gift from the universe.

3.You are in charge of your life

Always remember this one. Even if you forget all of the rest, this is the one piece of information that will change everything for you. You definitely are in charge of your life. You can fix your intention on what you want to do and how you want to be. The whole paraphernalia of the universe will orchestrate itself to follow it. You might think, how it is even possible, when you are thinking from the center of low self esteem and disbelief in yourself. But human intentions do change destinies.

Decide what you want and decide what you don’t want. Then observe what you are doing to follow your decisions. Wannabe thinking is not going to change anything. You decisions will change everything. So buckle up and steer your way to where you want to go.

4.Your happiness is your business

The moment you release every other being from the responsibility of making you happy, you will begin to experience a lightness inside. Your happiness is your job. The sooner you get it, the better and freer you will become.

Blaming others for our unhappiness is not just sloppy, it is lazy too. We do that out of some malfunctioning thinking patterns that we absorbed from our surroundings. Giving another person or thing, the power to make you happy or unhappy is pitiable. Take the power back.

Free everyone from your expectations. Free yourself from your expectations. Take responsibility for your own happiness. Find your own kind of happiness and thrive in it. It is out there, or deep inside you, waiting to be found out by you. And yes, only you can find it.

5.Your dreams are your responsibility

In her famous speech, J.K.Rowling said,

‘there is an expiry date to blame your parents for steering you in the wrong direction’.

After your initial years, what you do with your dreams is your own responsibility. No man or woman who achieved greatness, in this universe has let their initial stages of life to control the direction of their destiny. They have unrelentingly persisted on their path to achieve their dreams.

To understand this read the life story of those who inspire you, or attract you.

Decide that you are going to make your dreams come true. Then make a step by step plan, and follow it to the end. And remember, nothing is going to work out as you initially planned. You will have to improvise a lot, so be prepared for unexpected turnings also.

Think about all these things you read now. There is no need to feel depressed or lost in life. Understand that it is actually a good thing to feel lost, as you are eventually going to find yourself.













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