4 Ways to Activate your Creativity

Creativity is a treasure that once discovered and tasted will seduce you forever to follow its mysterious paths. Its path takes you to the unknown, undiscovered and the most beautiful of places ever seen.

That is why if we have once tasted its magic, we yearn for it. It makes us realize the existence of the infinite possibilities in the universe. Creative pursuits make us touch the infinite, the immortal.

However, all these magic is lost amidst the noise of the world that engulfs us and sadly swallows us.

But it is always there waiting for us to find a way to reach it. Here are four activities that will let the creativity in you, rise above the monotonous loop of existence.

Walk around the part of your city or village in solitude

Drive away to an unexplored part of the place you live. There is nothing exciting like solitary exploration to trigger creativity.

None of us has possibly seen every nook and corner of the place we live in. There is always a street, a valley, a riverside or a region to explore. When our mind receives new information, such as new sceneries, scents and people, it becomes activated. And this energy is the creative energy brewing up.

Our brains stop taking in new information once a routine is established. That is why going to an unknown terrain usually makes everyone come lively. The brain is excited to receive brand new information to process and decode.

Exploring new spaces will help to connect with your inner creative self.

Choose a song that you absolutely love and listen to it on loop

Listening to a song on loop calms the mind in a peculiar way. A repetitive sound has a special ability to induce a somewhat meditative focus if listened to it for a long time.

It will also block out the distractions from the outer environment. The unending chatter inside the mind also will slowly begin to calm down. Slowly, your focus will build up and your mood will shift.

Sounds, especially pleasing sounds when repeated for a long time, changes the way we experience every moment. It has the ability to shift our perception and energy levels. Your creative self will start to peek out after a while.

Wake up early and watch the sun rising awakening the whole world around you

There is something inherently magical about sunrises. Those few moments when warm soft light of rising sun bathes the whole surroundings with hope for creating something new. Just ponder that this has been happening for millions of years.

Just being with the sunrise, watching the trees, birds and animals waking up into the day will help you to get in touch with the eternal creative impulse of nature.

You might want to do pranayama or breathing exercises that will help you to relax your body and assimilate the goodness of fresh air. Doing some light exercises,  running for a while or a full-fledged yoga session could do wonders to your creative energy.

Start journaling

Journaling is one of the most potent ways to kindle your creative fire. Journaling is a process of removing the limp ashes that hides the amber of creative potential in you.

It is not astonishing that most creatives in the world have journals- a space where they can express themselves without fear, without judgment and look at their most crude naked terrifying beautiful self.

Be it Morning Pages or journaling at any time you want, this is a process that will truly change your life. All the thoughts clogging your creative expression would be cleansed and you will start feeling squeaky clean after journaling for a few days. Also, you may find surprising thoughts that were circling your mind and haunting you for long. Journaling gives an opportunity to deal with them by offering a safe space to analyze them.

So try out the above activities and share how they helped you below. Never let your creative spirit dampen and vanish. Try out the above activities and nourish your creative genius.

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