4 Morning Rituals While Going Through a Healing Phase



4 Morning Rituals While Going Through a Healing Phase

How we spend our mornings sets the mood for the whole day. Mornings are such important time pockets of the day, if we succeed to influence can change our whole lives.

A well begun morning will certainly help you to carry the good energy throughout the day. And if something goes wrong in the morning, we must consciously do something to put the day on the happy track. The happy feeling of a peaceful and purposeful morning will energize your whole day.

Many of us do not get to see the energetic morning as we will be cuddling under the blanket after a late night. Even though there is nothing to match a warm cuddle in the morning under soft blanket, there are equally important experiences that will enhance our lives and all our tomorrows, if we wake up early and get to action.

Here are four morning rituals for an excellent start of the day.

1.Morning Pages

Julia Cameron, the creativity coach and filmmaker introduced, writing morning pages through her book The Artist’s Way, as a means to unlock dormant creative talents in everyone.

It has proven not only effective, but pleasant, addictive and a healing experience for millions of people. People have become artists, poets, writers and dancers from the energy they discovered by writing Morning Pages. Do not let the conspicuous simplicity of this activity deceive you.

Morning pages involves just this- write three pages longhand first thing in the morning.

You may keep loose paper for writing Morning Pages. Or, you might prefer keeping a special notebook and pen on your bedside for writing morning pages. Latter works the best.

Whether you pee or brush your teeth or have your coffee/tea isn’t important. First thing you do in the morning must be writing morning pages.

Write whatever comes to your mind. If you feel awful , write about it. If you feel tired, write about it. If you remember someone who hurt you, write that too. If you feel like punching that colleague, write that too. There are no right or wrong things to write in Morning pages. It is an emptying of your mind for a fresh start.

Talk to your self through morning pages, listen to yourself through morning pages. If you want to whine, whine.

Morning pages are not going to tell you to shut up and get lost. Morning pages will not judge you. Morning pages is a sacred space that will listen to you, reflect yourself to you.

I assure, it will become your most favorite activity in no time. And it will work, one hundred percent. Just, stick to it, and watch your life change for the better.


Ten minutes of basic workout will fire up your whole body with loads of energy, after the restful sleep.

You can choose some Yoga poses or gentle aerobics. You can even make a playlist of your favourite songs [the fast energizing ones, of course], to exercise. You can also dance to the tune of your favorite music making the work out all the more interesting. Running or cycling for a few minutes also would do the trick.

Blood will be pumped through all your blood vessels and your whole body will be refreshed for the day’s challenges.

It is better to drink a little water, warm water before doing this. Also you might consider having some snack, if you are hungry.

You may do the full set of workout that you usually do at another convenient time, or simply increase the ten minute limit that is described above to do a long exercise session.

Choose wisely according to your liking. Or simply experiment to find out which one works best for you. Just remember to make it as joyous as you can.

3. Write affirmations for the day

Take out your Affirmation Book, choose the affirmations that you are working on right now.

Write them calmly with full awareness. Fill your mind with good thoughts.

Writing affirmations in the morning will fix them in your mind for the whole day. Even if you forget it, the good thoughts you planted will work invisibly, helping you go through the day, helping you to choose the best. Moreover, you will be aware of your own good and needs throughout the day.

You might want to choose affirmations according to your morning pages too.

You can use one single affirmation or a selected set of affirmations to write down. And if you feel like writing more, write it.

Do not suppress your urge to write affirmations. Let the blocked emotional energy flow out and let the good vibe fill in you.

4. Jot down 3 things you will do that day to achieve your goal, or dream.

Throughout the day, we all are bombarded with demands, duties and to do lists from both personal and professional front. It is easy to lose focus on things that are important to us, especially if you have the habit of putting others ahead of you all the time.

Write down three things you will do towards you goal or dream. You might also want to write how you will do them.

This will gently remind you, what you are actually up to.  And, if you stick to this plan, you will one step forward everyday towards achieving your dream.

This seemingly simple morning ritual will help you stay faithful to your path. Keep a small notebook or an app to write it daily and often look at it.

These acts can be as simple as making the phone call to inquire about the course you want to take, or just going to the park for a little ‘me time’ to plan how to do things.

It can even be as simple as reading the first chapter of the skill you want to learn, or doing the first exercise that starts the big set of things you are supposed to learn.

Just do that small thing, it will give you immense good will about yourself. Slowly, you will move on to the big things that you thought were impossible.

May you all find the beauty and magic of fulfilled mornings.

















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