4 Misconceptions about Life Long Learning

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Life long learning is one of those miraculous things that keeps up the beauty of life.

The person who exists before learning is not same as the one who emerges after learning. Be it a skill, fine art, theory, language or a whole body of knowledge, learning is a transformative experience that enriches our lives.

Michael Angelo, one of the greatest figures of Western Art, is reported to have said ‘I am still learning’ at the ripe age of 87. Everyone who makes a habit of life long learning, has access to their inner child who is curious, courageous, adventurous, open to new things and eternally young.

Here are four misconceptions you might be harbouring about the learning process, hindering your growth towards a better version of yourself.

Read along and find out if you do.

1.Age- believing or doubting that you are too old to start learning- life long learning keeps your mind eternally young & fresh

Believing that you are too old to learn something is one of the biggest misconceptions people may have. This is so disabling that one starts feeling sorry for oneself for all the lost time and forgets that life long learning is the magic pill to solve this.

Contrarily, learning after several experiences in life will help you to understand many concepts in a deeper manner that a young person cannot. You might enjoy and appreciate it more than when you were young as you are now aware how precious it truly is. The insights will be well formed and on a completely different level than those who learn while early in life. And life long learning of new skills and subjects will increase your abilty to learn anything.

Life long learning of new skills and subjects will increase your abilty to learn anything.

Watch this Ted Talk How to Learn Anything, by John Kaufman to know some secrets of learning anything.

2. Perfectionism- expecting and believing perfection- life long learning will release you from haunting perfectionism

Life long learning will reveal to you the truth about perfectionism that, it doesn’t exist. It is an illusion.  There is always room for improvement in every aspect of anything you do. So never bother about perfectionism. Strive to make it better than the previous time, and accept that you can always make it better to an infinite degree.

And always remember, it is the imperfection that creates interest and serves as a cause for countless stories and possibilities. Imperfection is the dynamic aspect of growth and evolution.

Salvadore Dali, famously says that,

have no fear of perfection, you will never reach it.

So, while learning, give yourself room to make mistakes and allow yourself to be imperfect. Because imperfections and mistakes are the secret portals towards possibilities, hope and new discoveries.

3.Not Good Enough- believing that you are not good enough- life long learning helps overcome feelings of unworthiness

Feelings of not being good enough come from a deep rooted and long-time neglect of the self.  This is often a result of trauma, neglect from a loved one or a trusted person. It might also be caused by any other form of psychological and emotional abuse.

The belief of being not good enough is formed by continuous negative criticism received for a long time.

The most effective solution to this is to reverse the negative criticism using positive affirmations. When you start affirming that you are good enough, your mind will come up with several excuses why you are not good enough. Observe these excuses and you will get the key to open unhealed wounds of criticism from the past. Work on healing yourself and your self-confidence will come back on top.

Read the article You are Good Enough, by Louise Hay, to navigate from feelings of self-doubt towards self-confidence.

Moreover, life long learning upgrades your expertise continuously, increasing your self worth.

4.Talent – believing too much in talent- or thinking u have no talent- life long learning reveals the truth about talent

Life long learning gives you the rare opportunity of discovering the hidden interests and talents in you.

We all have undiscovered talents inside us. Most people who believe that they have no talent, have never tried to learn a particular subject properly in the first place. This could be due to lack of opportunities or time.

If you have an aptitude, you could be proficient in any skill. Most people have no exposure towards the fundamentals of the skill they wish to master. If you learn the fundamentals well enough and put in hours of dedicated practice, there is no logical reason you cannot be good at it. If you spend your time and effort, the knowledge will reveal itself, no matter who you are.Those who become masters have spend their days and nights learning and practicing.

That is why Michael Angelo said

Genius is eternal practice.

Release all the negative concepts about learning and go learn the skill you always wanted to. Immerse yourself in the joy of learning.

Choose life long learning and enjoy the transformative process of learning all you can.





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