3 Ways to Pamper Yourself After a Tiring Day


After a long tiring day, all we want is to feel relaxed and soothed. Here are 3 sure ways to rejuvenate yourself in the evening, after a rough day.

1.Immerse your legs in warm water for 20 minutes.

Mostly, we spend our days, sitting all day long.  Some of us walk or stand for long hours during work. Our legs suffer the most while we are immersed in various activities throughout the day. Our legs invariably need special attention and care.

Chinese medicine and Ayurveda too recognize that legs, specifically soles,  have many important nerve endings. Properly massaging on specific spots on the sole itself can relieve you of several discomforts.

There is a simple way to relieve your legs of pain and pressure of the whole day.

Take a large vessel, plastic is fine, full of warm water. The temperature of water must be as high as you can withstand. If you boil some water, you can also mix water of room temperature with it to obtain optimum temperature. Then, add some rock salt to it, a handful is enough. Take one lemon and squeeze its juice in to the warm water. Also add two or three drops of essential oil such as Lavender or Sandalwood. Sit comfortably and immerse your legs up to knees in the warm water. Keep it like that for 15 to 20 minutes. At first, the heat of water may feel slightly unbearable, but in few minutes, it will become comfortable.

Scrub your legs with a soft sponge and wash it thoroughly. Then apply some moisturizer, coconut oil or olive oil to soothe the skin. You will feel energized and pampered.

This also aids for a good sleep.

Tip: Keep a big plastic vessel exclusively for this purpose.

2. Put ice cool eye patches for 15 minutes

Cool eye patches magically rejuvenates and refreshes your tired eyes after a long day. These days, long hours in front of computers take a huge toll on eyes making them, oh so tired. Read along and learn how to put cool eye patches.

Take a bowl of ice cool water. The temperature must be slightly lower than what you can endure. Add a few drops of good quality rose water into the bowl.

Cut two inch wide cotton pads from rolled cotton. Immerse them in the water kept in the bowl.

Lie down on a comfortable chair,  a recliner or on bed, as you prefer. Keep the bowl beside. Take out the cotton pads, strain them loosely, close your eyes and place them gently over the eyelids. Keep them till the coolness is gone. Immerse them again in the water bowl and repeat.

Do this till the coolness of the ice water is fully gone. You will note remarkable difference in your general freshness.

Do this daily for refreshing, rejuvenating and pampering your eyes. This will also reduce lines and darkness beneath the eyes.

3.Perform Shavasana for 30 minutes

Most of those who had done a course on Yoga say Shavasana is one of their most favorite poses.  That is probably because it induces deep relaxation which even a good night sleep cannot achieve.

Even if you do not learn other Yogic poses, learn this ancient Yogic relaxation technique for one of the best restful time you will ever enjoy.

Shavasana essentially means, lying down like a corpse.

Here is how to do it.

Lie down with your back flat on the floor on a soft blanket. Spread your arms wide and easy. Spread your legs some thirty to forty inches wide and let them stay loose. Now you are ready to perform Shavasana.

Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your toes. Now, consciously release all the force exerted on the toes and let the toes relax completely. Shift your attention to other parts of the body from toes to head. Release and relax each muscle of your body. Withdraw any intention to move your body.

Lie down like this for at least 30 minutes. If you want you may visualize your ideal life or internally chant mantras or affirmations. Try your best not to fall asleep. If you fall asleep, it means that your are sleep deprived.

To release from this pose, slowly wiggle your toes, slowly start moving your body. Rub your eyes gently with hands and open them. Slowly get up back to your normal state.

You will be feeling extremely soothed and relaxed.

Do this daily for sometime, even if that is for five to ten minutes.

Choose any of the above three, or try them out one by one. Pamper and take care of yourself to the maximum.

















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