3 Activities to Clear Confusion & Brighten your Mind

3 Activities to Clear Confusion & Brighten your Mind

A clear mind is a highly useful mind. You can achieve anything in the world if your mind has your back.

You need to know your way to navigate from confusion towards clarity. It is not only possible, but a rewarding and illuminating experience.

As a pure white attire catches dust and grime, our minds too absorb sticky thoughts and foggy moods.

Here are three things you can start to do that will accelerate your mind towards clarity and sharpness.


Journaling is essentially putting down all your thoughts on paper.

There are several types of journaling methods you can try out. Night time journal, Morning pages, Art journal etc are just some of the popular styles.  You may experiment with them or can employ all of them following your whims and needs.

When you are feeling confused start writing down your thoughts preferably longhand in a notebook or paper. Imagine you are taking your thoughts one by one and placing them on paper.

Once written down, you will be amazed to find that those thoughts are not bothering you as they used to. Gradually you will start pulling out your thoughts layer by layer. Many things will come up from the oblivion, that you may have to deal with.

Journaling process will declutter your mind of jumbled thoughts and place them in front of you to deal with them.

You could also choose a specific topic that confuses you and write down everything that comes up in your mind regarding that topic. This will help you to deal with and organize the facts, feelings, doubts and fear swirling in your mind.

Journal constantly and keep your mind free of foggy thoughts.

2.Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness is the simple process of being intensely aware of how you experience your existence every moment.

Your thoughts, your experiences and everything you do will be observed like a witness, by yourself. Meditation techniques such as the Vipassana are advanced form of mindfulness meditation.

When you start not reacting to your thoughts by being intensely aware, they lose the power to emote you into a specific behavioral pattern. Gradually, your mind will become clearer and clearer.

You will also start understanding yourself and your surrounding in a deeper manner when you are aware of your thought patterns.

The best part is that a window to change your thought patterns will start to appear where you can insert positive thought streams altering your life experience. New ideas and ways to get out of the confusion will emerge in your mind.

3.Clear out your surroundings and stuff

Our surroundings or the way we experience space will influence the way we live and react to situations. While a cozy clean environment improves the feeling of wellness and clarity, cluttered filthy dusty places whack us out of balance.

Many creatives love chaotic environments as the chaos triggers their creative impulse. We must certainly acknowledge the difference between cluttered dirty spaces and rooms chaotically filled with objects that trigger creativity.

A great sense of clarity and well-being can be achieved by decluttering your entire possessions.

Marie Condo, in her phenomenal book The Magic of Tidying Up, strongly suggests to let go of all that doesn’t spark joy.

Keep your surroundings and places you spend time organized and clean. This space experience will enter your inner mind and open up peacefulness in you.

Have a complete decluttering process of all your possessions and then routinely keep up with it by dedicating time to declutter.

You can surely conjure clarity out of confusion, if you do the above.



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